Gate Openers and Automation

Choices: Not all gate openers are created equal. Some are for light duty-gates, some for heavy-duty gates, some for swinging gates, some sliding gates, some that are in-ground, some that are solar. In brief, there’s a lot that goes into deciding the gate opener or gate operator for you, not the least of which is the cost.

Quality:A key concern because reliability in the gate opener business isn’t as trusted as it is in say the computer business. For this reason, the experience of your dealer/installer will be invaluable.

Long-term cost of ownership: One of the biggest mistakes is not taking this into account. Time and again, we are called in on jobs where an inadequate electric gate opener was selected for the driveway security gate based on cost alone. This is the number one cause of problems in the gate industry – choosing a gate opener that is not heavy-duty enough for the gate.  Service calls and purchasing new equipment to replace the old adds up. Design considerations up front save headache and money down the road. Access Control Systems designs systems for reliability. For this reason, we have the longest warranty that we know of in the industry for residential electric gate systems – 2 year parts and labor warranty. Plus, each manufacturer has their own equipment warranty that can exceed our warranty.

The standard gate automation system has the following components:

  • Automatic gate operators
  • Ground loop sensors to open the gate and keep it from closing on a car
  • Basic keypad or telephone intercom system
  • Remotes and gate receiver (installed inside operator)

Swinging Gates | Electric Gate Operators

The automatic gate opener will depend on the length and weight of the swing gate, whether it is a single swing or dual swing (sometimes called bi-parting) gate, and whether there are any additional requirements such as the need to swing uphill (i.e. non level). Heavy and long gates require heavy-duty gate openers. Light and short gates can generally be fitted with a light-duty gate operator. Generally speaking, heavy-duty gate operators are ground mounted, meaning they attach to a concrete pad or slug in the ground. Light-duty gate operators are often linear actuators that can be post-mounted, meaning they attach to the post the gate is hinged on.

Click on the image to the right see typical beneath ground loop sensor installation for a swinging gate

Below are just a few examples of swing gate operators we have installed and recommend:

viking-r-6-png Ground-Mounted Operator: Viking R-6 Residential electric swing gate operator. 24 V DC with 1/2 H.P. Motor, 13 second opening, 100% duty cycle. Gates to 600 lbs, 14ft long. Has exceptional battery backup and optional bluetooth module..
Doorking 6002 Post-Mounted Operator: Doorking 6002 The DKS swing gate actuator, for lighter gates, offers convenience and reliability in a compact design. The actuator mounts directly on your gate and pilaster or post, simplifying installation and eliminating the need for concrete pads. The elegant lines obtained by using extruded aluminum material provide a clean profile that will blend in with any gate design. The powerful screw driven piston connects directly to the gate eliminating weak mechanical connections and it is fully enclosed to prevent dirt and other airborne corrosives from contaminating the screw threads.
FAAC-760-Operator FAAC – 760 In-ground Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator. The Model 760 in-ground hydraulic swing gate operator is designed for underground installation in residential security gate applications. Great for minimizing the opener from view and has proved extremely reliable over the years.
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Sliding Gates | Electric Gate Operators

viking-l-3 Viking L-3 Residential and Commercial Slide gate Operator. 1/2 H.P. DC motor, gates to 40 feet and 1200 lbs. 1 ft per second speed. 24v DC power, 100 cycle storage. 100 % duty cycle. Comes with battery backup and optional bluetooth module.
Elite Robo-Slide Elite Robo-Slide Residential Slide Gate Operator. The RoboSlide is Elites slide gate operator for single family residences with battery backup. Designed for super-quiet and reliable performance, it can handle up to 70 cycles per day with gates weighing up to 800 lbs. and up to 20 feet in length.
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Solar Gate Opener

Solar gate openers fall into their own category. They require solar panel(s) and a battery storage system, all sized to be adequate for the automatic gate system even when there is rainy weather for days on end. A gate installation company should know how to properly size the solar panel and battery storage system based on the equipment being specified, the daily usage of the gate, and the area in which the gate is being installed, taking into account job site specific limitations such as tree or hillside shade. Solar panel imageNevertheless, a solar gate system that draws the least amount of electrical current is always the wisest along with a battery storage that is ample. Since most driveway gate equipment is designed for regular 110 V or 220 V electrical current, knowing the right gate opener and accessories to use comes with experience. A typical installation will require:

  • solar gate opener
  • solar panel (wattage to be calculate)
  • voltage regulator (unless using a 20 watt panel)
  • battery (either gel or marine duty lead acid)
  • battery enclosure
  • low current draw telephone intercom (AAS Phonelink and some DKS models) or keypad (various)