Using the right electric gate system equipment is crucial for commercial and residential applications. If you want your system to last 10 plus years, subjected to varying weather conditions, choose equipment that will last. Here is much of the equipment we use day in and day out and will stand behind with our 2-year installation warranty on parts and labor. Many manufacturer’s warranties on workmanship can be longer than that.

Swinging Gate Operators


Viking R-6

Residential swing gate operator. 24 V DC with 1/2 H.P. Motor, 13 second opening, 100% duty cycle. Gates to 600 lbs, 14ft long.


Viking F-1

Residential swing gate operator for heavy use. 24 V DC with 1/2 H.P. Motor, 13 second opening, 100% duty cycle..


Viking T-21

The T-21 is a 1 H.P. swing gate operator. Rated for a gate at 1200 lbs and 20ft long. 100 cycles with battery back up if power goes down. Great for big gates and heavy traffic


Viking I-8

The I-8 has 24 V DC with 1/2 H.P. motor. Gates to 12ft wide and 650 lbs weight. More than 100 cycles of battery storage. In ground mechanical operation.



Viking G-5

Gates to 700 lbs and 15ft. 16 second opening. 100 cycles battery back up, arm mounted operator..


Elite CSW200UL

Coomercial or heavy residential swing gate operator. models of swing gate operators are the first choice for heavy-traffic applications such at large gated communities, residential developments, commercial complexes, and private estates.


Elite RoboSwing R900

The RoboSwing is Elites most advanced swing gate operator for single family residences and residential complexes up to 15 units.


Elite Miracle 1

24V DC Residential Linear Gate Operator. The Miracle-One is a DC-powered swing gate operator designed to deliver smooth, ultra-quiet performance. With state-of-the-art features like a battery backup, anti-theft alarm system, variable speeds and optional solar panels, this gate operator makes security smart. Improved limit switch system,Ultra-quiet operation,External alarm reset button,Weatherproof housing,Compact modern design*Emergency key release,ERD and alarm included*Dust protector,Added surge protection and spike suppression.


Doorking (DKS) 6100 and 6300 Swing Gate Operators.

The Model 6100 & 6300 operators are designed to operate vehicular swing gates in residential and commercial applications. These operators are designed so that they can be either pad or post mounted without any costly and time consuming field modifications. The unique design of these operators allows the gate arm to be attached to the bottom rail of the gate. This eliminates the need for any brackets to be welded to the face of the gate and creates an aesthetically pleasing installation.


Doorking (DKS) 6002 Light-Duty Swing Gate Operator

TeThe DKS swing gate actuator offers convenience and reliability in a compact design. The actuator mounts directly on your gate and pilaster, simplifying installation and eliminating the need for concrete pads. The elegant lines obtained by using extruded aluminum material provide a clean profile that will blend in with any gate design. But beauty is not just skin deep with the DKS actuator. The powerful screw driven piston connects directly to the gate eliminating weak mechanical connections and it is fully enclosed to prevent dirt and other airborne corrosives from contaminating the screw threads. And there is no need to worry about hydraulic leaks, check valves or pumps. xt.


FAAC 760 In-ground Hydraulic Swing Gate Operator

. The Model 760 in-ground hydraulic swing gate operator is designed for underground installation in residential applications. Great for minimizing the operator from view and very reliable.


FAAC 400 Residential or Commercial Swing Gate Operator.

The Model 400 heavy duty hydraulic swing gate operator is specifically designed for situations needing maximum versatility, such as apartment, subdivision, commercial & industrial, and certain residential applications.


FAAC 415 Residential Post-Mounted Swing Gate Operator.

The Model 415 can be packaged to include the following: One or two electromechanical gate operators with mounting hardware; One programmable control panel which operates single leaf or bi-parting gates; One 14 x 16 in. weather resistant UL Listed fiberglass enclosure; Two batteries and transformer


Apollo 3500ETL and Apollo 3600ETL

Commercial Swing Gate Operator. Meets UL325 standard, Operates swing gates up to 20ft, 1000 lbs. Post mounted Full systems capability Continuous duty operation Timer to close option Adjustable limits Innovative new arm design Weather resistant 12V DC battery, solar or AC rechargeable. Ideal for Solar. The 3500ETL is a single swing unit, 3600ETL is for double swing.


Apollo 1550ETL and Apollo 1650ETL

Residential Swing Gate Operators. Meets UL325 standard Operates swing gates up to 20, 1000 lbs. Post mounted Full systems capability Continuous duty operation Timer to close option Adjustable limits Innovative new arm design Weather resistant 12V DC battery, solar or AC rechargeable. Ideal for Solar. 1550 is for single swing gate, 1650 is for dual swing gate.

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Sliding Gate Operators


Viking K-2

The K-2 is for gates up to 25ft long and 650 pounds. These open and close at 1 foot per second, battery back up with 100 cycles storage. 24 V DC power. 100 % duty cycle.


Viking L-3

Residential and Commercial Slide gate Operator. 1/2 h.p. DC motor, gates to 40 feet and 1200 lbs. 1 ft per second speed. 24v DC power, 100 cycle storage. 100 % duty cycle


Viking H-10

Residential and Commercial Slide Gate Opener. Rated for gates to 45ft and 2000 lb gate. Great for apartment complexes. 1 ft per second. 1 hp motor. 100 cycle battery storage. 24V DC power. 100 % duty cycle.


Viking Q-4

The heaviest duty Viking slide gate operator. Ideal for operating inclided or sloped gates.

Elite Robo-Slide

Elite RoboSlide.

The RoboSlide is Elites most advanced slide gate operator for single family residences. Designed for super-quiet and reliable performance, it can handle up to 70 cycles per day with gates weighing up to 800 lbs. and up to 20 feet in length.


Elite SL3000UL

The SL3000UL models of slide gate operators can handle heavy-traffic applications and high-demand customers, including large development and management companies, prestigious residential gated communities, and custom home builders. Optional battery backup module.


Doorking (DKS) 9100 and 9150

Model 9100 & 9150 operators are designed to operate vehicular slide gates in residential, commercial and industrial applications (9150 only). These operators are designed so that they can easily be mounted in the front, center or rear of the gate without any costly and time consuming field modifications. In addition, the operators can be pad or post mounted to meet any installation requirements. The 9100 & 9150 can be equipped with a factory installed DC Convenience Open option which will automatically open the gate in the event of a power outage..

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Basic Keypads


Linear AK-11

The workhorse in the basic keypad family. This keypad accepts 400 codes (who would use 400 codes on a basic keypad?), supports hold open codes, and has a light that can be programmed to stay on all the time or turn off after inactivity.


Linear AK-2

Similar functionality to the AK-11 but designed for flush mounting to walls or stone columns.


AAS Basic Keypads

The AAS keypads are ideal for solar applications due to their extremely low current draw..


Doorking (DKS) 1506

This unit has been around for a long time and has proved itself. The unit can be programmed with up to 10 codes.


Doorking (DKS) 1503

A simpler electronic keypad than the DKS 1506, this unit only supports two codes.

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Gate Accessories


Doorking Maglock 600.

This maglock can withstand 600 lbs. of force being pushed against it. It is ideal for making sure forced entry doesn’t occur. It is active as long as power is on.


Liftmaster 371LM remote

One-button remote for use with Liftmaster 315 MHz receivers..


Liftmaster 372LM 2-button remote

Two-button remote for use with Liftmaster 315 MHz receivers..


Liftmaster 377LM wireless keypad

Ideal for mounting on a surface near the gate on the inside of property for easy exit. Can also pair with Liftmaster garage door openers. Operates at 315 MHz..


HID Card Reader

The ProxPro proximity card readers weatherproof design and architecturally attractive enclosure allows easy mounting indoors or out. The ProxPro Reader is ideal for applications requiring a larger read range.* Ideal for medium-range applications.* Available with Wiegand, Serial (RS-232/RS-422) or Clock-and-Data interface. * Sealed for indoor or outdoor use. * Optional glass mount kit available for mounting the reader behind glass.* Available in gray or beige..


Liftmaster 312HM Receiver

Operates at 315 MHz. Can pair with up to 15 transmitters..


Miller Edge Crush Sensor

When touched, these pressure sensitive edges immediately send an electrical signal to your controls to stop, and/or reverse operations. Designed for use in a wide variety of applications, these SensingEdges are extremely durable and can be used indoor or out. They are resistant to water, flame, and common greases and oils..


Omron Safety Photo Cell.

Heavy duty, long range -32.8 ft-42-240 vac / 24 240 vdc includes 3inch reflector


Liftmaster Passport Remote

. For added security. Functions as a Wiegand device..

Star_250 receiver

Liftmaster Star Receiver

Operates at 315 MHz and has a digital keypad built in. Can pair with up to 250 transmitters. Alternate model can pair with up to 450 transmitters..



The ProxKey II is a proximity key fob offering HID proximity technology in a convenient, pocket size device. It easily attaches to a key ring, badge clip or lanyard. The ProxKey II is built to withstand harsh operating environments or handling. The ProxKey II is suited for use in access control applications where a Photo ID is not required..


ARM Security Camera.

Camera is suited for outdoor conditions, has infrared built in for night viewing. Can be routed to video server for internet viewing and recording.


HES Electric Strike

Electric strikes are an access control device used for doors or pedestrian gates. An electric strike’s ramped surface can, upon command, pivot out of the way of the latch allowing the door to be pushed open (from the outside) without the latch being retracted. A knob or lever can still be turned to allow exiting from the secured area. Electric strikes can be fail safe for fail secure. Fail safe means that the strike is active when power is on but inactive when power goes out. Fail secure means that the strike is active when energized and locked when power goes out. .


Wireless Push Button.

Uses Liftmaster frequency to operate electric gate; weatherproof rated box


Wired Push Button.

Weatherproof push button uses gold-old-fashion copper wire to operate the automatic gate. More reliable than wireless.

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