Avoid Cutting Up Your Driveway

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For a double-swing gate, whether it is required for an extra-wide driveway or just a preferred aesthetic, an additional gate operator (motor and electronic control device) is required so that both sides of the driveway have a gate operator. This also means that electricity is required on both sides of the driveway. There is no getting around this because the gate operators require electricity to operate. However, communication is also required between the two operators, often termed “master” and “slave”. In order for them both to open and close at the same time, the timing needs to be established between them; thus, the need for communication.

Viking bluetooth modules

This master/slave communication is usually accomplished using a short multi-conductor cable between operators usually buried in a trench minimally 18″ underground. The cable length between operators can vary but greater distances require larger wire sizes which means more expense (e.g. up to 100 ft. requires 16 Gauge wire). Often times, customers would prefer not to have their driveway cut into and dug up to install the communication cable, particularly if they already have electrical power on both sides of the driveway.

The perfect solution is the Viking bluetooth accessory. This plug and play, wireless communication system has a range of up to 100 feet.The Viking Blue also offers a simple diagnostic system. These wireless diagnostics not only allow remote operation of timer adjustment, obstruction sensor and fine tune settings but also run pre-programed self diagnostics and technical data transmission to Viking support centers nationwide.
Imagine a gate operator that can speak to you and verbally indicate various parameters or operations. A gate operator that not only speaks to you but also listens and executes your verbal commands. Imagine installation with no more communication wires or trenching. Or that is no longer necessary to remove the operator’s cover when troubleshooting because it can be done at a convenient location in the vicinity. Imagine that troubleshooting remotely is possible by an authorized technician anywhere in the world.

Plug-in Adapter

Uses a state of the art algorithm, speaker independent , accent independent and noise canceling. Allows the use of voice commands for all functions available in the Viking Blue Module

Intelligent speech technology allows the gate operator to communicate verbally with you, answering questions related to the state of the gate operator and commands.

The Viking Blue Module uses a graphical interface to visually find voltages, amperages and other various setting and functions of the gate operator.

Forget about wires! The Viking Blue module establishes a reliable wireless communication between master and slave operators up to 100 feet in range.

The Viking Blue module is capable of diagnosing the gate operator and communicating the results to the Viking Tech Support Line, allowing rapid troubleshooting and resolution.

Importance of Driveway Loops

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Driveway loops are an integral part of most automatic gate systems. They are used to command the gate to open or prevent it from closing on a vehicle in the path of the gate. They can also be used for peripheral activities such as turning on driveway lights or signaling a residence that a vehicle has arrived.

Gate loops have the following functions:

  • Exit Loop – Typically placed 60 feet or more away from a gate, but can be placed as little as 4 feet away from the gate. When tripped, they cause the gate to open.
  • Safety Loops (also called Reverse Loops) – Typically placed close to the gate (4 or 5 feet away) on the inside and outside. If tripped when gate is closing, will cause the gate to re-open. For instance, if a gate is closing and a car passes over a safety loop.
  • Shadow Loops (also called Center Loops) – Used for large swinging gates when the arc of a gate is longer than a typical car. Placed under the swinging portion of the gate. The shadow loop acts like a safety loop but is deactivated when the gate begins to close to prevent the metal in the gate from tripping a re-open occurrence.
  • Entry Loops – Placed on the outside of the gate, entry loops are used to command the gate to open in situations where security is not a concern. For instance, when a gate is only used as a barrier to keep deer out. Entry loops can also be used to turn on driveway lights or send a signal to a house that a car has arrived.

Uphill Swinging Gate Video

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