Access Control Systems is not the cheapest game around, but I’ve had a few really bad experiences with sub-contractors.  I knew enough not to go with the lowest bid just because it was the lowest bid. I got the sense from Access Control that it was going to go smoothly and that if there were any problems along the way, they would take care of them.  So, I paid a little bit more and got what I paid for… a top-notch company who takes care of their customers.

– Home Owner, Fort Bragg CA

       Access Control Systems was johnny on the spot. I wanted to have my customer’s gate installation happen before he returned and Access Control delivered. They were professional, on-time, knowledgeable about their product, and stayed in contact about scheduling. When my customer wanted to make a change to the original plan after the job was done, they came back the next day and did what was asked. I will definitely use them for my next gate project.

– Contractor, Marin CA

       I have a gate in front of my house. They repaired the motor on the part that opens and closes it. They were great. He showed up on time. He was nice enough. He gave options to replace the motor and one to replace a part that wasn’t working. Instead of trying to talk me into replacing the whole motor and get his company more work, he gave me option to replace a part or two which in the short run saved me money.

- Homeowner, San Rafael CA

       They installed a custom steel gate.  It turned out really well. They did a beautiful job on the hardware. We had a lot of problem with the electronics. Whenever I had a problem they were out there working on it the same day to fix it. They were out multiple times. They had to install two different circuit boards. They were responsive. The problem wasn’t of their making but they fixed it.

- Homeowner, Saint Helena, CA

       They put in an electric gate on my driveway.  It turned out very well. They did a really nice job. There was one issue that wasn’t really right. They took it down, fixed it and put it back up at their cost. There were no arguments about the issue. It is very nice to work with a contractor that honors his agreement. I would recommend him without hesitation.

- Homeowner, Berkeley, CA